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Retirement Book  

I would not hesitate to share this book
with friends, colleagues, or clients..
Nancy Miller,
Quintessential Careers Retirement Book Reviews

How do you acknowledge and really celebrate someone’s  lifelong contributions and achievements they made  working for a company?   

Giveaway Retirement Books by Ernie J. Zelinski make it possible.

His books are the ideal giveaway gifts for someone who is retiring.

Why Should Your Company Give Away Books?

  • Books are ideal free giveaways and promotional business products, providing  strong added-value promotions. 

  • When did you last throw a book away? 

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How Your Company Can Benefit from The World’s  Best Retirement Book:

  • The subtitle of this book can be modified to reflect your company’s  philosophy so that it complements your other promotional business products. 
  • The content can be fine-tuned so that it is targeted specifically  at your clients. 
  • The book can be modified to include content from other  retirement books by the author such as his The Joy of Being Retired. 
  • A similar retirement book can be created from scratch to  match your company’s needs for promotional giveaways.  

Some of the Many Corporations Who Have Used Ernie Zelinski's Books as Company Giveaways:

  • The National Turkish Congress on Quality 
  • Ford Motor Company 
  • Allstate Financial 
  • Nettworth Financial 
  • Syncrude Corporation  
  • TD Canada Trust 
  • Strathcona County 
  • Telus 
  • Life Planning Network 
  • Fiscal Wellness Corporation 

Click the links below for information on the great giveaway ideas that can become your company's most profitable promo items:

  • How to Retire Happy Wild & Free - Promotional Giveaway
    How to Retire Happy Wild & Free: A Great Giveaway to Be Used as a Business Promotional Item. The World's Best Retirement Book Is the Ideal Promotional Giveaway to Give to Retirees and the Soon-to-Be Retired. Any type of organization that has retiring employees or retired clients can benefit from using How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free as a free giveaway.
  • Career Success Without a Real Job - Promotional Giveaway
    Career Success Without a Real Job - Promotional Giveaway: The Ideal Promotional Item to Give to Individuals Who Work for Multi-Level-Marketing Organizations The Perfect Free Giveaway for Multi-Level Marketing Firms to Use as a Promo Item for Its Members to Inspire and Motivate Them to Greater Heights.
  • 777 Best Things Ever Said about Money - Promotional Giveaway
    777 Best Things Ever Said about Money - Promotional Giveaway Edition: A Book or E-book That Makes a Great Giveaway or Promotional Business Item for Financial Institutions. Organized into 124 categories for easy reference, this is the ultimate guide about money for the professional speaker, journalist, author, financial advisor, banker, executive, and connoisseur of great quotations. It also makes great reading for just about everyone. This book has it all - including the Best Ever Quote about Money:
  • The Joy of Being Retired - Promotional Giveaway Edition
    The Joy of Being Retired: 365 Reasons Why Retirement Rocks (and Work Sucks!). An Illustrated Humorous Promotional Giveaway for Retirees and the Soon-to-Be Retired by Ernie J. Zelinski, author of the International Bestseller How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free (over 110,000 copies sold).
  • Look Ma Life's Easy - Corporate Giveaway Edition
    Look Ma, Life's Easy - Corporate Giveaway Edition: The Ideal Promotional Giveaway for Companies to Give to Young Adults to Inspire Them To Greater Heights. "Look Ma, Life's Easy" is an Inspirational Novel That Helps Individuals Create Their Lives the Way They Would Like Their Lives to Be.

Using Ernie Zelinski's Books as Promotional
Giveaways Will Help Your Company:


1. Showcase social responsibility
2. Change or reinforce your corporate image
3. Increase brand preference to your customers
4. Increase loyalty of your customers
5. Create more customer satisfaction
6. Reach a particular niche market
7. Differentiate your company from the competition

Using Ernie Zelinski's Books as Promotional
Business Items Will Also Help Your Company:


1. Broaden customer base
2. Increase membership to newsletters
3. Increase subscriptions to websites
4. Create a unique brand for recurring revenue
5. Grow database
6. Drive retail traffic and sales
7. Generate extra cash to serve more people

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